weholi was founded on a simple principle: timeshare owners should be empowered to pay for the vacation time they use and monetize the time they don’t. And, they should be able to do it themselves, online, in a secure, simple environment.

Unused value is wasted value
Today, the “sharing economy” is thriving. Individuals and organizations of all types are optimizing resources through the redistribution, sharing, or reuse of excess goods or idol inventory. Whether it’s a car owner monetizing his non-drive time, or a homeowner renting out his driveway as a parking space, excess time and equipment are being shared, creating an economic movement that is embracing consumer empowerment business models.

By combining the shared economy model with a firm belief in consumer empowerment, weholi has developed a way to connect active vacationers with timeshare owners leveraging the opportunities these respective markets provide for each other. Timeshare owners can turn idol time into cash more easily in a secure and professional environment while travellers get easy access to unique resort vacation rentals around the world, with features they prefer that go far beyond a cheap hotel stay.

Spearheading an emerging marketplace
As a response to a shifting marketplace, new rental distribution channels are being established, but they come at a price. Minimum volume requirements, pricing parity rules and large commission models make it difficult or nearly impossible for individual timeshare owners, or smaller resorts, to efficiently distribute their inventory directly to a receptive worldwide vacationing community through a professional turnkey platform.

While giant online travel agencies and inventory aggregators have conditioned a whole generation of vacationers that cheap and fast access to hotel stays is key to a great vacation experience, weholi is catering to guests that want cost-effective ways to access larger accommodations with added amenities that timeshare owners have to come to love for years. “There are so many beautiful resorts that are under utilized in the market and we have the ability to expose a whole new set of prospective buyers to these hidden gems” states Fermin Cruz, VP of Sales and Marketing Americas for weholi. “We are in a great position to help timeshare owners get the most out of their ownership and introduce a whole new set of travellers to these spacious properties”.

weholi is a global online marketplace where vacation owners, HOA’s, management companies and vacationers come together to buy and rent vacation stays from each other. It’s a self-service, peer-to-peer transaction platform that allows vacation owners to effectively rent and sell vacation stays to travellers who simply want to stay at quality resorts with bedrooms, kitchens, amenities and services. All with a well managed check-in process.

weholi does more than empower its members
With weholi, timeshare owners get access to a simple interface for posting available inventory and engaging with prospective renters and buyers in a secure online environment. All postings include professionally prepared resort profiles with pictures, descriptions, amenity lists, directions, maps and more. weholi also proactively markets available vacation inventory to the renting and buying members of the online community who are looking for specific resort vacation experiences.

Along with posting available vacations, weholi members also enjoy a variety of discount travel benefits and services that perfectly compliment the timeshare ownership lifestyle. The benefits give timeshare owners exclusive member discount prices to nightly hotel stays, car rentals, cruises and more. “These benefits help round out the value of membership for our members” says CEO Thorsten Wieting. “Simply put, we want to create an environment in which vacation owners can get more out of their timeshare investment and share their vacation experiences with a receptive audience”.

Timeshare owners simply pay a nominal membership fee based on the number of listings they will post and receive their travel benefits for a full year or more. There are no commissions to pay, no pricing parity rules and the site is simple to use.

Benefits for timeshare owners
• A self-service platform allows owners to monetize their own weeks without paying commissions
• The freedom to choose from other rental opportunities in destinations worldwide
• A set of robust travel benefits through the weTravel Center perfectly compliment the timeshare ownership lifestyle
• Exclusive deals include nightly stay discounts, cruise discounts, discount car rentals, local activity discounts and the ability to book airline tickets

Knowing that timeshare owners need help understanding all their options, weholi also provides a well trained team of Concierge Agents available for telephone support and online chat support to facilitate inquiries from members and guests alike.

These benefits alone have tremendous value to the timeshare owner. Even non-owners (Guest Members) can take advantage of travel and lifestyle products and discounts. Guests can shop in the weholi marketplace free of charge.

Benefits for guests
• TripAdvisor reviews on every resort profile
• Low prices on resort vacations worldwide
• Travel services for one stop vacation shopping
• The ability to upgrade for discount travel benefits

weholi guests will have access to a distinct style of vacationing. They get all of the benefits of a professionally run resort. They get a formal check in process. They get resort amenities usually reserved for owners and they get it all without booking fees or complicated processes, straight from the owner!

weholi is poised to reintroduce the timeshare resort product to a whole new generation of prospective owners, leveraging the power of a timeshare owner base that has enjoyed the resort product since its beginnings!

For more information, visit www.weholi.com or dial into the Concierge Agent Center at 800-592-1745.