Orlando, Florida, July 1, 2019 (PERSPECTIVE MAGAZINE) Vacation SafeGuard, the rapidly growing Loyalty Cash Back Program has added a robust, custom-built reporting and analytics platform created by strategic partner INTUITION, to enhance the automation of new enrollments into its program and deliver dynamically generated reports to its clients and agents.

Launched in 2017, Vacation SafeGuard significantly enhances the value proposition of vacation ownership programs by giving vacation club members the opportunity to earn their original purchase price back over time, simply by staying loyal to the club where they bought the membership.

In the past twelve months, Vacation SafeGuard has launched at resorts and clubs throughout USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Europe, and Asia and has added several new enhancements and optional add-ons to further support its diverse client base.

“Due to the speed at which we are growing, it was essential to upgrade our administrative and operational procedures and technology to a system that was more robust and infinitely scalable, and we were able to do that with the assistance of our partner, INTUITION.” Says Duane Lee, CEO, Vacation SafeGuard. “The initial build of the system, with all of its integrations with our website, CRM and Accounting platforms has already exceeded our expectations and internally is saving us a lot of time – and now shortly we will be able to provide improved reporting for our clients and agents also.”

INTUITION, a leader in business strategies for the vacation ownership industry, specializes in Customer Engagement and Marketing Automation and utilized its advanced analytics platform to custom-build the necessary components to automate many processes that are unique to Vacation SafeGuard’s business model.

“It was a very complex build, as each vacation club client has very different procedures that we have to adapt to and then normalize inside of our systems in order to automate processes, but the results of the core structure are impressive and give us a strong foundation upon which we can easily service the largest of industry clients.” Says Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, INTUITION Brand Marketing.

The platform already has in excess of 100 formulas that manipulate the incoming data across multiple currencies in order to manage billing schedules, agent commission reports, and client reconciliation reports.

The added advantage of the INTUITION platform is its advanced analytics, which takes the incoming data and visualizes it in near infinite ways. So far, these analytics show Vacation SafeGuard overall sales statistics, breakdowns per client, geolocated data for new enrollment hotspots, average sales volumes, top performing agents and future revenue forecasts.

Vacation SafeGuard is a powerful sales and retention product, enhancing new sales and providing better opportunities to upgrade members by increasing their value proposition and giving them reasons to stay engaged for longer.

Resort Developers and Vacation Clubs looking for more information on how to include Vacation SafeGuard in their membership programs should visit https://safeguardmembers.com/clubs

About Vacation SafeGuard

Vacation SafeGuard is a one-of-a-kind service provider in the direct sale industry. Its clients can utilize a unique Loyalty Cash Back Program to enhance their own products, giving vacation club members the opportunity to earn up to 100% of their original purchase price back over time, just for staying loyal to the club where they first purchased. With early upgrades and redemption options, this flexible program improves sales, membership upgrades and increases annual revenue. For more information visit https://safeguardmembers.com/clubs