Larry GildersleeveCustomized Solutions LLC, available at, offers its unique brokerage company to exclusively serve the resort timeshare industry. The company is a division of Gildersleeve Partners and is focused on providing timeshare companies with competitive pricing and leading edge technology for the processing of credit card transactions.

According to Larry Gildersleeve, “Jeff Sites and I launched Customized Solutions because over two years of research persuaded us the timeshare industry is not being treated as favorably as it should be in this critical area. Jeff will be leading this new initiative.”

“Two years ago, we formed a relationship with and led its market entry into the timeshare industry,” says Gildersleeve. “Card Connect is one of the world’s largest companies providing leading edge processing and data security technology. Our relationship continues with the launch of Customized Solutions.”

According to Jeff Sites, “If your company is active in the timeshare industry, and accepting credit card payments from consumers, we can most likely increase your profitability by significantly lowering your processing costs. We also offer access to the finest technology and data security currently available to Fortune 100 companies and government agencies.”

About Gildersleeve Partners
Gildersleeve Partners LLC ( provides consulting, business development and brokerage services to the residential real estate industry, both domestic and international, with an emphasis on the resort sector, both shared and whole ownership. Jeff Sites (a co-founder of Trendwest) is a partner and leads the Customized Solutions division. He, and the company’s founder, Larry B. Gildersleeve, each have more than 30 years of experience in the timeshare industry.