May 1, 2017 – Royal Holiday recently won the Best Vacation Club Award in North America. As an industry leader in all-inclusive travels and tours, the company features some of the top vacation packages across the US and Canada. Whether for family or corporate trips, Royal Holiday’s signature Vacation Club offers special benefits and amenities for all members. This includes savings on global resorts and hospitality, along with guided tours and assistance with itineraries. Whether planning a vacation to the Bahamas, Mexico, Central/South America, or even Europe – this company continues to deliver exemplary results and services. In fact, Royal continues to receive stellar industry ratings and traveler reviews as well.

With special offers and cruise discounts, Royal Holiday is the preferred choice for numerous travelers and business clients. The Club Award only cements the fact that this company is truly one of the best in the industry today. From cruise vacations and lavish resorts to elegant spas – they are able to connect any new or returning customer to a range of packages. This includes deals on hotels and motels, along with charter fishing, bus tours, sightseeing, car rentals, and so much more. They also feature some of the top deals for domestic vacations, including golfing, wine tasting, or visiting the Grand Canyon and other national landmarks.

The company also offers five levels of Vacation Club membership. This includes bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and royal. Each level has its own unique and distinct travel benefits. These include travel points, which can be redeemed for resorts, car rentals, and other amenities. Customers can also take advantage of daily travel specials and senior discounts for casino resorts and more. This is why Royal continues to shine as a beacon of excellence in this challenging and competitive industry. As always, they are able to assist clients with any and all hotel reservations, dining specials, shows, and so much more on their vacations.

With over 180 destinations in 52 countries, Royal Holiday is committed to excellence in all travel-related services. From helping customers plan holiday trips to showcasing a myriad of membership benefits, they continue to help customers save a bundle on all vacations. They also offer exclusive deals for vacations to Paris, Madrid, London, New York, Orlando, Bahamas, and Buenos Aires. They also specialize in exciting cruises to Cozumel, Cancun, and other great Mexican destinations. Their Vacation Club memberships are great for redeeming points and credits for all travel. With easy online reservations and bookings — along with access to Park Royal Hotels and Resorts — it’s never been easier to plan your family or corporate trip.

The company features an extensive range of travel advisors, booking agents, reservations specialists, and much more. This ensures a comprehensive platform of proven travel and customer services, which continue to receive high praise from customers and industry monitors alike. Royal Holiday’s recent award continues to show how pivotal the company is in the travel industry. With so many great travel programs, packages, and benefits — their extensive client base continues to soar across the world. From website reservations to phone bookings and much more, customers are guaranteed the best services across the board. Agents and online reps are always available to answer any questions or concerns clients have as well.

One of the more popular services the company offers in cruise deals. From Royal Caribbean to Disney, they showcase some of the top cruise liners and companies in the world today. Customers are able to plan their cruise schedules online, while selecting their destinations and events. Whether via phone, online chat, or e-mail — the company has made it so easy to book cruise reservations and access amenities. In fact, cruise advisors have intricate knowledge of all cruises and destinations, while helping customers with port of call information and even transportation to and from the docks. Whether for holiday cruises, business junkets, weddings, or exotic vacations — Royal Holiday is your source for amazing travel benefits and programs to fit any budget.