Vacations Unlimited Travel Club (VUTC) is a Mexico-based company that was created after two prominent sales executives and a major resort developer came to the realization that they needed something to enhance their program. The executives were faced with a lot of the same objections that many face in the evolving industry of timeshare.

With more people searching for travel accommodations online, vacationers have become much more knowledgeable and demanding. Many are looking for a one stop shop that allows them to book tours, cruises and accommodations all at their convenience. For vacationers, flexibility plays a major role in the decision making process when buying a timeshare. Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) like Expedia and Priceline that offer easy-to-book vacation packages in one central place have made it more challenging for timeshare developers to stay ahead of the competition. In turn, this was seriously affecting sales.

Comprehensive Travel Services
In order to gain a competitive advantage the decision was made to create their own Global Distribution System (GDS) to enhance the value of a timeshare week by providing comprehensive travel services where travelers can easily plan and book their entire vacation in one place. This user friendly system offers travelers a world of flexibility and benefits that include access to discounted rates at more than 300,000 hotels and resorts worldwide, 23 car rental brands, 17,000 activities and excursions, 3,000 golf courses, numerous cruise lines, river cruises, sailboats, yachts, tour packages, wine clubs, gift cards and more. A concierge service was also created, giving travelers the opportunity to book a vacation over the phone with a live representative, directly online with the help of a professional via live chat or by request form.

After an extremely successful run using this incredible package, with closings averaging 55%, the dynamic travel club realized how valuable this would be to resort developers and sales teams. The sales executives’ concise presentation and unique approach to selling this product resulted in record high sales volume per guest.

“We have found working with VUTC to be an excellent collaboration, they are always attentive to the needs of our clients. They support us at all times, we have received good reviews for their service. I confirm that this is a company of high ethical standards,” said Melisa Rodriguez, process manager, Private Residences of Mexico.

Increasing Volume per Guest
Understanding that just having a great product isn’t always enough for many companies, VUTC saw the opportunity to not only provide developers with a full service travel club and concierge service but to also train sales teams on its effective presentation of the package. Consequently, the sales executives at VUTC began training other sales teams on their strategic approach to using the product in a way that will significantly boost sales volume per guest. During the training process the executives go beyond product knowledge and strategy, to focus on execution. In doing so, VUTC’s structured training program set it apart from any other company in the industry.

“Thanks to VUTC, we were able to revamp our in-house sales. It’s great to see a product that keeps our members very happy and that also helps me as a developer to increase the volume per guest and closing percentages. The training provided was fantastic! Their financial tool helped a lot for cash flow on a week to week basis,” said Arturo Marcelin, President of sales and marketing at Sunset group.

Full Service Consulting
The company’s reputation for providing a great product and one-of-a-kind sales training quickly grew within the industry, and in no time what started off as just a vacation club blossomed into a full-fledged consulting company that provides a number of services. VUTC now assists developers with the financing of down payments which allows developers to receive higher down payments, decrease cancelations and attract better sales people in order to gain a competitive edge in the industry.

VUTC also provides exit programs for resort developers through its full service travel club. With its current exit program, 60% of people come back to the resort and 50% of those people convert to a regular contract. Developers can also use the travel club as a standalone product which can be sold individually.

Through its many alliances, this dynamic company strives to provide its travel club members with the most flexible benefits possible; giving them access to low rates on travel worldwide at any time of the year. Additionally, the company aims to offer these member services as an enhancement to developers while providing superior training to sales teams. VUTC takes great pride in helping developers and their sales directors achieve and surpass their goals.

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