Orlando, Florida, March 1, 2017 (INTUITION) – Weeks4Less.com, an innovative tech company that’s modernizing the way people rent, sell, buy, and use timeshare properties, is saving travelers cash by changing the marketplace experience. Renting or listing a timeshare property has never been so straightforward and Weeks4Less is breaking down the steps to show you how.

The first step to discovering your dream destination at a discount is to register for a free Member Account. The subscription-based account will send you daily resort notifications that will help you stay informed and up-t0-date with the newest listings and locations available. By registering for a Member Account, you’re able to sign in and view your account dashboard in addition to saving top destinations in your favorites history. All you need to provide in order to create your personal account is your name and email address.

Once you have signed up, you will be brought to your Weeks4Less Dashboard. You’re given quick links to get started, where you can view and manage favorites, view notification settings, and manage your account settings. You’re also able to see an account overview of your last 10 favorite resorts and promotional offers (there’s a pretty awesome coupon offered that will save you cash on your vacation on top of a free 30-day trial!).

A really important aspect to note when first opening your Dashboard is the yellow lock at the bottom right of the page that says ‘SSL Secure Connection’. This gives users the peace of mind that their connection is secure and all data is encrypted. That means that if you use your credit card or provide private information it is completely protected through a HIPPA compliant server. The security measure is definitely a bonus.

If it’s your first time on the site, you won’t have any favorites saved in your history. Simply go to the top navigation bar and click “Find Timeshare” and then select whether you want to view the Resort Directory, Browse by Resort, Browse by Region, or Browse by City. This gives you the option to scan through what’s available, whether you know where you’d like to go or prefer to search for your top choice of accommodation.

You’re able to easily find a timeshare to rent by the resort’s name and navigate through your options in alphabetical order. You’ll find beautiful resorts from A to Z that will provide you with everything you could possibly need during your stay. When you click on your top choice you’ll be directed to the Resort Spotlight page, where you can find a photograph and description of the resort. You can also choose to narrow the results with the Quick Search, all you need to do is start typing and it will bring up available results. You can also sort by price or ad type (such as Selling Ads, Rental Ads, or Selling & Rental Ads).

If you already know where you want to go, you can click on Find Timeshare and select Browse by City or Region. You can choose from over 770 different locations in regions like the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the United States. Once you’ve chosen the city or region, you’ll see a list of resorts to browse through and find timeshare listings, which you can organize by the date the property was listed or the most recently updated.

When you find the property you’re ready to rent (Weeks4Less also sells timeshares at affordable prices), you can view the Property Details, which includes the Listing Number, Resort Name, and Resort Address, as well as the price to rent or buy the timeshare. You’ll also see the Unit Availability, Resort Information, and Local Amenities.

The final step before packing your bags is contacting the owner. You can contact them directly from Weeks4Less by filling out the form with your name, email address and phone number and leave a comment for them or ask a question about the property. They’ll give you a call and discuss the property. Once you’ve both agreed on the transaction, you submit the payment and Weeks4Less handles all of the paperwork. Renting a timeshare property for a week has never been so simple!

If you’re a timeshare owner and you’re looking for a way to make extra money off the weeks you can’t use (or property you would like to sell), this is the perfect option to advertise your property. You can set up your free account the same way a renter does and use the code W4LFREE30, which allows you to list your timeshare for sale or rent for free for 30 days. A selling account allows you to easily create an ad, provides an account dashboard, manages billing, and gives you the contact history of users interested in your property.

Do you prefer to use a mobile app as opposed to visiting a website on your computer? Would you rather search for newer listings or respond to people interested in your property directly on your phone? The Weeks4Less app available on iOS and Android devices gives you access to everything the website does. Check it out by searching your app store for Weeks4Less!




About Weeks4Less LLC

Weeks4Less is a technology company that is revolutionizing the availability of timeshare inventory and the connectivity of timeshare buyers and sellers. Through an innovative, consumer friendly business model, sellers can list their available vacation time at a low cost with flexible and short term advertising options, with no commissions imposed on buyers or sellers. For more information, visit Weeks4Less.com.