INTUITION uniquely combines press release writing and distribution with extended social media marketing, print and online editorial, print advertising, social media monitoring and brand reputation management – all for one cost effective monthly amount.

The service has been created exclusively for timeshare and fractional ownership companies by the industry’s leading PR & Media Company.

Perspective Group are the largest timeshare news provider globally. The company produces five regional trade publications (North America, Latin America, Europe & Middle East, Asia Pacific and South Africa), regularly syndicates the latest news headlines by email to the largest independent readership as well as updating the news as it breaks several times per day on Perspective Group also hosts an annual global conference (GNEX Conference) and participates as Media Sponsor at over 30 other industry conventions and events worldwide each year.

Perspective Interactive, a division of the Perspective Group specifically focuses on online media and marketing, offering solutions from SEO and Pay Per Click Management, through to original website creation and implementation of complex back end membership and booking systems.

INTUITION however, harnesses all of the resources company-wide to provide an unrivalled cross-channel marketing outreach for any timeshare or fractional ownership industry company, whether a service


provider looking to attract the attention of Developers, HOA’s and Management Companies, or Developers themselves who want to promote their membership offerings to prospective new members.

You can browse our four packages by visiting the respective pages – INTUITION LITE, INTUITION I, INTUITION II and INTUITION III

Each of our packages can be adapted to suit any B2B or B2C strategic marketing campaign.

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With INTUITION’S third eye approach, we’ll start by independently tracking your online visibility and comparing it to relevant competitors in your industry. We’ll identify keywords that you should be associated with and report back with expert written analysis and visual graphs to show your successful campaigns to date as well as areas for improvement. You can then feed this information to your marketing teams for proper implementation, ensuring you are getting the right results for your existing investment. We’ll then use these initial findings as our starting benchmark and continue to monitor all progress and increase in visibility, reach and engagement as a result of our INTUITION service.


Once identified, INTUITION will also track your competitors and highlight any areas of success they are having with their online marketing campaigns for possible inclusion into your own strategies. At all times, we will also be monitoring the online market share of mentions relating to the type of product(s) you are offering, with the goal of consistently increasing and maintaining your visibility as the market leader in this area of expertise. This invaluable insight into what is happening in your marketplace prepares you ahead of time for changes in trends and enables you to plan new campaigns that are more relevant and have more impact with your target audience than ever before.


INTUTION’s software is very powerful and versatile and can be programmed to track and segment almost anything. One of its best features is the automatic sentiment analysis in accordance to terminology of the timeshare industry, followed by the manual checking for anomalies, ensuring accurate categorization of all mentions into Positive, Negative and Neutral sentiments. This enables us to track conversations about your company online and help you combat negative content as it happens, by alerting you via email instantly to any content or conversation where we feel you should respond. At the same time, this also identifies your currently unknown brand ambassadors, and enables us to ensure that new content reaches them so they can continue to endorse your products and services online.


There is always so much left unsaid by companies that could be used as marketing content. Using our expert editorial team, we will create a series of compelling and informative news releases and editorial content that perfectly positions you as an authority or leader in your field. Over a period of months, each piece of carefully crafted content will provide detailed information on key features of your products or services and include background information on your company to boost online credibility. Our team works with you to plan the information and the topics for releases, and then correctly formats it for maximum approval rates with leading syndication companies.


All press releases are syndicated through PRWeb (the world’s largest news syndicator) for reach to the mainstream news and media outlets. This also provides inclusion in Yahoo! News and Google News so they will show up on industry professional’s Yahoo! and Google email alerts as well as news feeds they follow. Your releases are also distributed to more than 250,000 PRWeb subscribers, as many as 30,000 bloggers and journalists and to a variety of premium online publishers for consideration. In addition to PRWeb Syndication, our team will also submit your release to more than 50+ other syndication sites, bookmarking sites and social media networks.


Newswire distribution has a typical lifespan of just 72 hours and much of the distribution will not be relevant to your business. So we take this content and actively market it online for up to 4 weeks across our exclusive industry-specific channels, where premium distribution is only available to INTUITION clients. This includes visibility as premium news on our websites, featured news in our email blasts to our entire readership, promotion on all of our social media accounts across all the major platforms and many more external blogs and news sites, adding a layer of highly-targeted visibility unavailable anywhere else. All of the content we syndicate is also packed with SEO and backlinks to your website or any desginated web page.


Some of our packages also include print advertising, featured news placement and expertly crafted editorial in one or more regional editions of Perspective Magazine, the leading independent trade publication globally, with regional titles covering North America, Latin America, Europe & Middle East, Asia Pacific and South Africa. This adds incredible value to our packages over purchasing separately, and often provides bonus distribution at industry events where Perspective Magazine is featured as a Media Sponsor (30+ conventions and events per year globally). Not only is print advertising a great alternative to online advertising, it is also still adds another, more respected layer of credibility for your company.


Each month you will receive a detailed overview report on the main areas of your particular strategic marketing plan with INTUTION, including written explanation and analysis of the data. We’ll highlight the improvements that have been made in specific areas and also make reference to any items that need more attention in the future. We’ll identify what has worked best and recommend that we concentrate on strengths, whilst reducing efforts on items that may not have performed so well. We’ll not overwhelm you with facts and figures; we’ll provide the report in a format that you can print off and take to meetings with your marketing teams. Should you ever want any additional data on a specific area, just ask and we can pull additional reports in moments from our INTUITION software.


Whether you only need a few of our features to work within a tight budget, or you have dozens of resorts or products you want to promote and track separately, we can adapt our INTUITION package and strategic marketing plan accordingly. Furthermore, it’s adaptable on the fly. As your business grows or requires more media or marketing attention we can turn up the volume. If you urgently need to react to something that affects your company, we can adapt the current strategy to accommodate that need. We can even add in temporary extra brand visibility to cater for things such as new hires, company anniversaries, new awards and accolades or other milestone moments in your company’s history.

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