Travel To Go Offers Quality, Service And Value Throughout The Vacation Industry

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Travel To Go, renowned throughout the vacation industry and to its members for its innovative products and 5-Star service, is a family-owned business with over twenty-three years of involvement in the vacation industry and a long-standing commitment to Quality, Service and Value. With a membership base of over 50,000, the company has flourished by constantly developing innovative products and delivering 5-Star service in their relentless pursuit of its mission of “Making Dreams Come True.”TTG Execs

Travel To Go is licensed with all necessary agencies including California, Florida and Hawaii. They maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, are members of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, ARDA and C.A.R.E. They are ardent supporters and sponsors of ARDA and GNEX. Travel To Go has been a member of C.A.R.E. since 1991 and Jeanette Bunn, President of Travel To Go, has been a Vice President on the organizations’ Board of Directors since 1996.

At Travel To Go, quality, service and value go hand in hand and are delivered with seamless integration. From the moment Travel To Go’s membership kit is received, to the usage of discounted vacation condo weeks at 4 and 5-Star resorts, nightly resort and hotel stays, all-inclusive resorts, attraction passes, cruises, restaurants, golfing and a host of other members-only amenities. Travel To Go offers its members and distributors even more bang for their buck with the highest quality of products.

Travel To Go’s top of the line membership kit is a highly stylized impact piece that was designed for members to take home with them and leave on their coffee table for friends and family to enjoy, while reinforcing the lucky member’s purchase. Photos were painstakingly selected to evoke a sense of beauty and allow imaginations to run away with thoughts of the spectacular discoveries that lie ahead. The package provides a complete and easy-to-follow description of services and benefits-including listings of popular resort destinations, travel agency benefits, cruises, hotels and all inclusive destinations. Simple and straightforward instructions for making reservations and receiving discounts for popular attractions are included, along with travel incentives.TTG Brochure

A product that is not easily accessed has no value and Travel To Go, understanding this, has spared no expense to offer members the latest in technological options to insure easy access and usage of the product. Members are able to use their benefits through their state-of-the art website, Facebook page, and e-mail updates. Additionally, a mobile friendly version of the membership kit is available, making benefits of membership available anytime and anywhere.
Once the search for the perfect vacation begins whether a member is looking for a luxury resort week, a special vacation get-away or a holiday vacation week, Travel To Go offers just the right vacation week from a selection of hundreds of thousands of quality destinations. Additionally, hotels, vacation packages and cruises are available. The range of vacation options may vary from Travel To Go, but the level of quality does not.

Travel To Go’s 5-Star service starts the minute members say, “Yes, I’m in!” and continues every time they reply, “How may I assist you?” After more than two decades in the competitive travel and vacation ownership industry, they’ve learned that a great destination, beautiful accommodations, and an amazing deal only get you so far.

That’s why each new member is greeted with a “welcome aboard” call within three business days of purchase; a few days later, they receive VIP Membership cards. After that, follow-up email reminders and phone-calls are sent every 30, 60, and 90 days. Even before a member’s trip begins, they can expect confirmation letters; and when that amazing vacation is over, they’ll receive a homecoming card. Travel To Go believes a lifetime membership is truly a lifetime relationship. But like any good relationship, it requires hard work, dedication, and consistency.

When members call, they don’t get an endless maze of prompts; they get people…around the clock. Striving to get the job done efficiently, tending to whatever will make vacations more of a treat and less of a trial – that’s 5-Star service. It means making the reservation process simple and anticipating members’ needs on the scene while staff works behind the scene to keep exceeding expectations. It means offering the best in membership benefits — available through their website, Facebook page, and email updates.

For more convenience, Travel To Go’s in-house travel agency provides a seamless, one-stop solution for complete customized vacation planning. To keep continual innovation in their vacation, they are always improving, adding the latest industry enhancements, such as loyalty programs, new resorts and destinations, and access to luxury products like private homes and yachts.

Travel To Go also successfully services resorts and HOA’s through the offering of their Exit and Enhancement programs. Through Travel To Go, developers are able to offer their customers hard-to-resist high quality vacation options while recapturing marketing costs. Additionally, HOA’s, with the support of Travel To Go, offer owners greater value that gets them active, engaged and current with dues and fees. Access to Travel To Go’s hundreds of thousands of resort weeks and a cadre of a la carte products such as cruises and hotel accommodations, available through their full service travel agency, increase owner satisfaction while stabilizing resort revenues and offsetting other costs.

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A company can provide a quality product and exemplary service, but if they don’t provide value, they will not be competitive or long lasting. Travel To Go consistently offers value through its vacation options giving members the opportunity to receive discounts of up to75% on its Luxury Resort Weeks and Special Week promotions and nightly stays at more than 300 resort destinations with discounts of up to 50%. Great getaways, whether overnight, midweek, during or after a holiday or for an entire week are available to members at amazing prices.

TTG Bullet PointsTravel To Go offers value to its distributors as well. Its membership kit is designed so it can be ordered in bulk by allowing space for distributor logos, photos specifically selected to represent a range of demographics for a universal appeal and a neutral color palette to compliment the rage of colors across different private label logos. Through great planning, careful consideration and attention to details, Travel To Go has produced a sophisticated piece of marketing collateral that is extremely affordable and available as a private label product in hours not days.
Travel To Go’s success is marked by recognition as a leader in the worldwide travel industry, evidenced by their distributor allegiance, the quality of their products and services, and their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Many travel companies embark on membership programs with the best of intentions. They set lofty goals, make promises, and produce eye-catching promotional materials. But only through dedication and hard work can a company such as Travel To Go survive and thrive. Since the company was founded in 1990, their membership base has grown to more than 50,000, with a 75% membership renewal rate, underscoring the importance of customer loyalty and the power of relationship management. Travel To Go prides itself on crafting benefits that evolve to meet their members’ ever-changing needs and desires. They know that quality, service and value combined with authentic experiences are intangibles that leave a lasting impression, increase members’ desire to remain involved and establish Travel To Go as a leader in the vacation industry.