Aspen to Assist Timeshare Resort HOAs in Obtaining Proxies

Buzz Waloch, from the timeshare resort industry’s premier collection agency, Aspen National Collections, recently announced their latest service: Aspen is now offering to make automated calls to remind timeshare owners or members to return their proxies for a nominal fee. In addition, Aspen will provide the resort with any updated phone numbers obtained during the process.

“My associate, David Combs, and I attended a timeshare board members’ meeting last fall. One prevalent topic was how difficult it is to communicate with owners who are dispersed over a wide area,” says Waloch. “I mentioned that at Aspen, we often use our auto-dialer under the auspices of our ‘Resort Services’ division to leave recorded messages for thousands of people at a time for a very low price. Using an automated system costs a fraction of what it takes to make individual, dialed calls. Plus a timeshare owner receiving a simply-phrased reminder to ‘please remember to return your resort proxy by such-and-such date’ usually recognizes it as a service to them. Owners will particularly appreciate the cost savings when compared to making time-consuming phone calls or sending expensive mail.”[member]

Waloch and Combs say that their auto-dialer is traditionally used by Aspen collectors to call owners who are delinquent in paying their maintenance fees. “Regardless of the message, it’s a really cost-effective way for resorts to increase their contact with their owners,” says Combs. “Resorts that use the system to collect unpaid annual fees recover the minimal expense of using the dialer pretty much right away. Typically, an owner receives a bill in early fall, plus maybe a series of reminders. But for some reason, getting a phone call from a collection agency gives them a greater sense of urgency.” [/member]