Winter Issue of Timeshare Owners’ Magazine Sharetime Published by TATOC, the Timeshare Association

The Timeshare Association (Timeshare Owners and Committees), TATOC, has published the winter issue of its Sharetime magazine for all timeshare owners, TATOC members and affiliates.

This issue of the magazine is packed with positive industry news, advice and features of interest to timeshare owners and the committees who represent them.

TATOC urges all affiliates and member resorts to encourage their owners and clients to download the magazine from the Sharetime magazine website or request a printed version. [member]

Harry Taylor, TATOC executive chairman and CEO said: “TATOC has always believed that we need to inform and educate timeshare owners so they get the most from their ownership and pass on positive word of mouth experiences to others. Sharetime helps provide this four times a year with a quality, independent magazine and a website that projects a positive but truthful vision of the industry.

“This year we want to make Sharetime magazine and website the ‘go-to place’ for timeshare owners and committees who want the latest industry and travel news, advice and education. I urge all affiliates and member resorts join us by promoting the magazine and contributing to it as well on a regular basis.”

This issue includes:

• How to avoid re-sale pitfalls

• The Four Seasons Country Club story

• Silverpoint’s drive for customer satisfaction

• Helpline report on cold calling

• Francis Taylor on the year down under

• Verrane Wilkinson – our woman at the top

• Wise words from the Timeshare Crusader

• Why I love my timeshare

• The latest news from our members and affiliates

This is the twelfth issue of the magazine and the online version is now available to download for free  from the Sharetime magazine website. Printed copies of the magazine are also available and will be distributed to all TATOC individual members, member resorts, affiliates and key industry players over the next few days. You can order a printed copy by contacting the TATOC head office on +44 (0) 161 237 3518.

The Sharetime magazine and website are kindly sponsored and supported by some of the industry’s leading companies including Aroma, Confused About Timeshare, Club La Costa, Dial An Exchange, Merlin Software, Resort Recoveries, RCI and Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket.

Sharetime magazine is available to read online in digital format from its own dedicated website. To view the magazine, visit

Printed copies of the magazine are available and distributed to TATOC members, resort managers and affiliates. Additional copies can also be provided for affiliates if they would like to distribute the magazine at their resorts.

The aim of Sharetime magazine is to provide a positive image of the industry to both timeshare owners and the general public.

Sharetime magazine supports the efforts of TATOC to promote timeshare, protect consumers from scammers and to secure the future of a legitimate industry for its members to continue to enjoy.

The digital format allows this message to be spread even further.[/member]