New APP and Website Make Managing Multiple Timeshare and Travel Rewards Accounts Simple

It’s a known fact that trying to manage multiple timeshare ownerships, with the multiple airline mileage and hotel rewards programs that come along with these ownerships does become complicated: Although the benefits of owning multiple timeshares are numerous, trying to keep track of it all can be overwhelming. Add in some vacation clubs and half a dozen airline and hotel reward accounts, and trying to figure out what you’ve got and when and where you can use it can really get exasperating. Until now. VacationClub Manager, a new tool available both online and as an iphone / ipad app, enables timeshare owners to easily manage all of their travel-related accounts in one place.

Developed by a Senior Sales Manager in the timeshare industry who is a multiple week owner himself, VacationClub Manager helps timeshare owners maximize the use of all of their combined timeshare ownerships, vacation clubs and travel reward accounts. This simple and intuitive tool manages everything that owners need to know: what they own, where and when they own it, how many points or club options they have, their ownership frequency and their external exchange partners. [member]

Timeshare owners can purchase the VacationClub Manager iphone / ipad app at Apple’s App Store, register for the online program at, or both. Information entered in one version of the product will automatically synch up to the owners’ account on the other. Both the apps and the desktop program are just $4.99 each (a one-time fee). A free 15-day trial of the full product is also available for those who wish to “try before they buy.”

VacationClub Manager stores the customized details of each timeshare or travel account and then provides a powerful tool for bookings and reservations. Users can:

– Manage all timeshare points & options
– Have instant access to all of your ownership information, such as you contract number(s), unit size, usage, owner services website and reservations contact number
– Manage and connect directly with airline mileage and hotel rewards partners
– Get a quick snapshot of all bookings and reservations on MyCalendar with preset notification reminders
– Link directly to exchange partners
– Link directly to many useful websites such as,,,, and more
– Link directly to book travel using their air and hotel points
– Keep all login and password information convenient and secure using MyNotes
– Use the built-in Destination Locator with integrated turn-by-turn navigation map to locate such places as the timeshare resort, hotel, airport, car rental agency, cruise terminal and so much more
– Upload vacation photos onto customizable web pages to make your site more personal
– And much, much more

Timeshare owners find the tool’s Direct Link capabilities especially convenient. Users can see their confirmed vacation reservation and then click right through to purchase amusement park tickets, round of golf, tickets to a sporting event or Broadway show, buy Euro rail passes if they’re heading to Europe, and much much more. Everything needed to complete the vacation experience is immediately accessible.

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