80 Registration Applications Submitted For Dubai-Based Timeshare Training Course

A timeshare training course organized by Dubai Real Estate (DREI), the educational arm of the Government of Dubai Land Department (LD) has witnessed a huge demand from brokers working in this field.

The course is among a series of professional courses by DREI in cooperation with the real estate licensing department of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) as part of an awareness & knowledge campaign. Such campaign reflects LD’s keenness to disseminate knowledge and awareness of the real estate sector in Dubai through a professional and scientific training.

“We have received 80 registration applications so far for the course available in Arabic & English and those registered are basically the specialists working in Dubai’s timeshare,” says Mahmoud Al Burai, Managing Director of DREI.[member]

“The real estate empowering courses aim at enhancing the knowledge of Dubai’s real estate market generally and in transaction along with clarifying issues and procedures for undertaking a real estate profession here.” Al Burai added that DREI introduced the continuing education program targeting the brokers in order to develop their skills and present the latest developments for the real estate professionals.

Al Burai stresses on the importance of the timeshare course in building a timeshare professional and specialist brokers, the participants will be accredited by RERA according to him; he calls for dealings with only accredited brokers to avoid cases of fraud and exploitation. Al Burai went to say that the timeshare presents a new opportunity for investors, frequent tourists in Dubai who see the emirate as a distinct destination. It will also boost the real estate and other sectors related to the tourism industry.

Completing the 12 hour training course held in two days is a requirement for obtaining a real estate license. The broker must score 70% in this course as a condition for the issuance or renewal of the broker ID card. The course will focus on the marketing and business approaches in selling or renting timeshare property, LD’s conditions and guidelines related to timeshare, the profession’s charter, the basics for contracting and safeguarding the investor’s rights, noted Al Burai.

The course’s lectures will be presented by Dr. George Morris and lawyer Khawla Al Madani in the presence of the international timeshare expert and consultant Alan Thompson.

Dr. George Morris, one of the lecturers says that the timeshare industry is an important part of the economy; it is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry world-wide. He added that the financial crisis helps to highlight some of the key advantages of timeshare, with currently nine million owners at 7,500 resorts. The Economic conditions creates an interesting situation in Dubai timeshare and vacation ownerships today, where conditions are much more favorable, as the fundamentals, which analysts look for when predicting strong potential for timeshare, are all present in Dubai as it is merging to be a leisure destination.

According to him, timeshare developers, sales, marketing and management professionals should deploy strong ethical standards to comply with the regulation and set guidelines, to ensure that every customer is treated as a guest and with the greatest of respect and dignity.

He praised the efforts of LD’s in creating an environment that attracts reputable developers to the timeshare industry and enhances the reputation of this evolving sector.[/member]