Lubner Group Launched To Provide Hospitality Interior Design and Resort Refurbishments

Guided by Dan Lubner, principal and CEO, a team of talented and seasoned design professionals has formed the Lubner Group to continue to provide interior design and resort renovation services for a wide range of hospitality industries.

Launched this spring, the Lubner Group ( offers design and purchasing services with capabilities for crafting custom-designed furniture and total turnkey furnishing packages. This highly specialized work is offered for shared-use properties such as timeshare resorts, hotels, fractional ownership and private residence clubs, as well as developers of high-rise condominiums, and single-family communities in North America and abroad.

Unlike other “start-up” companies, the Lubner Group principals have over 100 years of combined design experience in providing millions of dollars in completed projects for customers from Denver to Dubai, ultimately resulting in a positive impact on their clients’ sales. The 96-year old company with which the principals were previously associated (Robb & Stucky) was one of the nation’s top 50 high-end retail furnishing outlets. While the company name has changed, the Lubner Group’s talent base, unique design capabilities, worldwide business relationships and work with hospitality clients worldwide continue. [member]

“We enjoyed wonderful experiences with Robb & Sucky’s Hospitality Design Division and appreciate being associated with such a legacy brand, which had been in business for 96 years before closing in March,” explained Lubner. “With the operation of the Lubner Group requiring minimal overhead, we are now able to provide the same level of quality services at highly competitive prices.”

The Lubner Group includes Mary Turschmann, Director and Project Coordinator; award-winning designers Nancy Woodhouse, IDS and VP of Product Design; Gail Huff, ASID, NCIDQ; Ron Nowfel, IDS; and April Campbell, ASID, NCIDQ. Brian Martin, who implements the designers’ drawings and transforms them into new pieces of furniture, supervises quality control during the manufacturing process. This conglomeration of talent is the cornerstone of the company’s strengths. The company’s designers have left their design imprint on The Breakers Palm Beach, City Centre and the Carriage House in Las Vegas, Disney World, several Bluegreen timeshare resorts, as well as timeshare and fractional properties in Branson, Jamaica, Anguilla, and Costa Rica.

While the scope of their service capabilities is worldwide, The Lubner Group is currently working on projects in Las Vegas, Sanibel Island and Key West, Florida and is in negotiations with developers to install products and interiors over the next three years. The company is currently seeking sales associations represent the Lubner Group in the Caribbean, Northeastern U.S., Rockies, California and the Southwest.

“From inspiration to installation,” added Lubner  “we are experienced in all aspects of design, sourcing, manufacture, import/export and installation. We have the ability to help hospitality clients imagine their perfect design and then transform it into reality with confidence and ease. Our designers have worked around the world and understand the regional complexities in design, materials selection and installation so integral to a successful result.”

With corporate offices located in Fort Myers, Florida, an additional office in Orlando and all support and logistic teams in place, the Lubner Group fills an increasing need for an affordable, single-source provider of interior design, manufacturing and purchasing-related services for hospitality industries. The Lubner Group has direct manufacturing capabilities and quality control at the factories crafting its furnishings, enabling them to provide custom-designed furnishings that are unique to each property and often at a lower price than assembly-production products

Concluded Lubner, “We believe the hospitality and resort industries offer significant growth potential and emerging opportunities as the economy moves forward and capital expenditures – which have been deferred for the last few years – will support additional growth. Projects previously placed on hold are coming back online as hotels and resorts upgrade their furnishings and fixtures. Shared-use properties have reserves built into their annual operating budgets for design and furnishing replacements, regardless of the economy. We plan to take advantage of these opportunities.”

For additional information, contact Dan Lubner at 239-292-3717. [/member]